Four large family sized ready to eat meals stacked on top of each other with a large recyclable delivery brown paper bag in the background.

Savour Calgary’s Premier Healthy Cuisine!

Menu Mandala creates what we all need — anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich meals. Think: no highly processed seed oils, no MSG or artificial flavours—just whole foods.

No refined sugar or simple carbs— just complex carbohydrates and protein, with each meal providing balanced nutrition.

We use fresh seasonings to enhance flavour rather than rely on excessive sodium.

Our restaurant exclusively offers delicious, 100% vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Add healthy food to your week!

Research-backed, nutritionally-designed meals delivered to your door.

Environmentally Focused, Supercharged Results

Our community loves to reduce their ecological impact by eating better food.

Environmental damage sucks. But how much control does a consumer have over this? Focusing on what we can change, the most impactful decision we as consumers can make comes down to our dietary decisions.

By taking advanced orders only, food waste is nearly eliminated. By using unprocessed whole foods, the ecological toll is a small fraction of modern western diets. By using the Earthware bottle depot style system on our takeout containers, our waste cycle is a fraction of the alternatives. And we do all this while delivering 5-star products. Explore one of 50+ such creations, our take on Calgary’s favorite salad: YYCaesar.

We have two sizes to choose from:

Convenient Sized: Our convenient sized meals satisfy one hungry adult and are perfect for on-the-go food you can trust
Convenient Sized: Our convenient sized meals satisfy one hungry adult and are perfect for on-the-go food you can trustOur communal sized meals are equivalent to four of our convenient sized meals. Feed the family, gather with friends, or show off at your next potluck with truly healthy and delicious food.

How it works

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Place Your Order

Select from this week’s signature dishes. All menu items are whole-food, plant-based, gluten-free and satisfaction guaranteed.

Image of a chef hand preparing a meal

We Prepare

Our team will acquire fresh produce from local suppliers and craft your meals in a facility while absolutely no gluten & no animals are being processed, right here in Calgary.

Image of a delivery driver handing a customer a brown paper bag out from an insulated cooler bag in Calgary

We Deliver

We will notify you when your meals are on route. Leave a large cooler out if you’re going to be away to better protect your food. Of course, a local small business handles delivery.

Image of a selection of fully prepared meals including a gluten free brownie pack with salted caramels sauce, a communal sized curry, a sante fe poke bowl and a pesto scalloped potato bowl all ready to sauce n toss then heat n eat

Ready to eat

You are ready to eat! The serving menu included with your order includes fully nutritional information and eating instructions. Return your Earthware container to any bottle depot for refund.

What the fork is Casual Catering?

It’s our solution to gather at home with loved ones and eat nutritious food. We think getting together should be affordable, healthy, and easy — and it’s a big reason why we offer communal sized meals. Share that Feel Good Food between four hungry adults.

Each Communal sized meal feeds four to six adults. This four pack will feed your people, on sale here.

We make meals from plants because they taste really good.

No compromise, yummy and healthy food…sign me up! We love food. Eating it, sharing it, thinking about it. We think you’ll agree our food is very tasty, but it turns out making it from whole-foods is actually much, much healthier.

We’ve also studied food and learned to separate our nutrition from animals because that food system sucks for the planet, for us, and it’s not a party for the animals either.

“As a non vegetarian I was interested in getting more veggies into my diet and menu mandala has been an amazing addition to my weekly meals. Great for on the go meals that leave you feeling energized and don’t slow you down. I love the variety in each bowl and was blown away at how good a veggie bowl can taste.”

– DJ A G E

“I have been receiving 2-3 meals a week since this small local business opened. I must say I am impressed with the quality and amount of food in each serving. I love the soups, sushi bowls and the fresh salad bowl choices. My favorite meal is the vegan butter chicken (YYCurry). It is the perfect blend of creamy spices, cashews, veggies, protein and rice. My goal to eat more plant based meals has been so easy!”


“Their food is always delicious and so much more convenient than meal kit companies like HelloFresh or GoodFood, whose 30-minute meals always seem to actually take a lot longer than 30 minutes to fully prepare. The meal plan service gives me healthy meal options that are ready when I need them, which has greatly improved my diet and got me feeling healthier / better all-around. “


We heard you like to support local.

Which is why you’ll be thrilled to know that ‘local’ is at the forefront of every purchase decision we make. Get this: we order food directly from Alberta farms while Helcim processes your payments in Calgary. And us? Well, we’re a 100% worker-owned, small business who call Calgary home.