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Free pickup! Free delivery over $60!

Order before Thursday for Sunday delivery. Free pickup! Free delivery over $60!

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Size Guide


Our convenient sized meals satisfy one hungry adult and are perfect for on-the-go food you can trust.

They come in microwavable, compostable bowls with highly recyclable lids. Remove lid before microwaving. Shake salad dressing into the container.


Our communal sized meals are equivalent to four of our convenient meals. Feed the family, gather with friends, or show off at your next potluck with truly healthy and delicious food.

They come in oven-safe containers which preserve quality and simplify heating. Rinse and recycle! For hot dishes, always check for sauce and topping containers before placing in the oven at 300F for 20 mins, or until hot.

Menu Notes

We Like Healthy Food

Every meal is designed to be reliably nutritious plus we make your meals with whole foods and use the healthiest fats available. 

For example, we make creams from raw cashews in place of coconut creams or oils to greatly reduce saturated fats.

We Make Food From Whole Plants Free of Gluten

We think eating more plants should be easy and without compromise. Plants include nuts, seeds, veggies, fruits, legumes, and grains. The gluten protein structures food to have a great chew but it is hard or straight-up not possible for some stomachs to break down.

By limiting our ingredients to whole-food, plant-based, and gluten-free, we have created a remarkably unique and highly accessible menu that Calgary can rely on.

Meal Prep?

Ready to Eat

Our meals arrive ready to eat. Either heat and eat or sauce n’ toss.

Meal prep is sometimes confused with meal kits. Meal kits are ingredients that still need to be washed and prepared.

Delivered Weekly & Uniquely

Order all the meals you want for the week and they will arrive on Sunday. Because our menu rotates weekly, you can set up a recurring order and variations of your favourites will arrive in your next delivery.

Your meals remain delicious for a minimum of five days upon arrival if stored in the fridge in their containers.