Power Bowl: Apple Beet Almond Treat

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Apple Beet Almond Treat

Apples and beets, what a sweet treat! This dish has the capacity to take you to the championship rounds as its one of the best dishes for complex carbohydrates. Featuring a bed of fennel slaw, our quinoa chickpea grain mix is paired with sweet steamed beets and apples and tied together with our in house blended mint tahini dressing and proprietary red wine vegan ‘Gote’ Cheese

Why we made this 

We made this dish to showcase how locally grown vegetables can be a huge powerhouse in your diet. Beets contain lots of amazing nutrients that we simply are not getting enough of on a daily basis. Eat more beets!


This dish can be heated or eaten cold! Updates to the dish: Par steamed beets for better texture and digestion. *Sauce has been changed to a lemon tahini dressing*

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