Curry: Butter Chickpea

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(Cashew) Butter Chickpea 

One of our favourite dishes made vegan and healthier using cashew cream. Tomatoes, chickpeas, green peas and our incredible tandoori marinated, baked tofu. This dish is braised for hours.. literally. Time is always the secret with a good curry! This dish features toasted cashews paired with raisins to add texture and natural sweetness to the dish.

Why we made this

Butter chicken is something you see everywhere, so it was our mission to make a vegan option better than their counterparts. Introducing: a feel good, decadent curry that doesn’t weigh you down.


Rich with flavour but also protein, this dish contains protein from all 3 power house protein groups in the plant world (legumes, grains, and nuts and seeds).

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Communal, Convenient


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