Mandala Chili Crisp


This truly is an all-purpose artisan oil.

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Chefs Ricky and Jasen have toyed with infused oils of all kinds for years. It got serious for Jasen after a Christmas gift exchange a few years back, where he battled for a home-fermented gift set including pickles, antipasto, a charcuterie set, and a vibrant chili oil. Having experienced the craftsman’s culinary workings before, Jasen knew this oil would be excellent but it was so much more. A balanced level of heat, rich flavour, and exceptional crunch, it was game-time. With Ricky’s culinary guidance and keen feedback, Jasen has created a series of Mandala Chili Oils sure to impress. Great to drizzle on pizza, cook stove-top popcorn, add to salads and stirfrys, this truly is an all-purpose artisan oil.


These are small batched in-house. Now made with zero seed oils. While supplies last!


*Low-sodium, low-sugar, no-MSG. Medium heat.

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250 mL


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