Power Bowl: Mediterranean Greece

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Med Bowl: Greece

When you think Mediterranean chances are you probably think Greece, and you’re not wrong for it! Known for their amazing sauces like Tzatziki also known for the use of fresh veggies like tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and peppers and spices! This dish also features a bed of quinoa steamed in our house made vegetable stock and our signature cajun roasted chickpeas. Capping it all off with our signature souvlaki pea protein crumble and balsamic blistered tomatoes, this dish is truly a fan favourite.

Why we made this

We love tzatziki, souvlaki and everything Greece! We wanted to showcase a dish that highlights the benefits of a Mediterranean diet dish made vegan, while also showcasing incredible flavours without compromising nutritional value


This dish pairs really well with our house made chili oil for those of you wanting an extra kick of spice on this savoury dish

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Communal, Convenient


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