Power Bowl: Falafel

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Falafel Bowl:

Falafel bowl made modern, brought to you by Mandala = “mandalized”.

Fresh veggies, greens mix, and middle eastern style garlic turmeric brown rice. We paired this falafel bowl with a creamy garlic tahini and pickled cabbage, fresh peppers and cucumbers. Bringing you familiar flavours with all the health benefits to follow

Why we made this:

We crave falafel far too often and really wanted to make a nutritional version that you can feel good about eating every day. Full of complex carbohydrates and plant based protein this dish will keep you fuelled for those long days at work or school.


Pickled cabbage and parsley to add acidity and freshness throughout the dish, be sure to heat this dish up to experience all the flavours it has to offer.

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Communal, Convenient


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