Zushi: Korean Poke Bowl

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Korean Poke

You’ve loved the BBQ and Sante Fe poke bowls, so it’s time we head back to Asia, this time to Korea.

This bowl is packed with fermented brown sushi rice and Korean vegetables, which are all primed in a tasty broth seasoned with gochugaru (a Korean chili powder). We packed this dish with Korean fried protein, coming in at over 45 grams per dish, our highest ever in a poke bowl. Sauce n toss it with our legendary sesame tamari sauce and gochugaru aioli.

Why we made thisĀ 

We discovered a technique for crispy fried protein and wanted to share the spoils with you.


This poke bowl is better warm, but can be eaten directly from the fridge.



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1 review for Zushi: Korean Poke Bowl

  1. ricky

    Not many GF plant-based Korean inspired dishes on the market, and this one is truly one of the best there is! The pea protein and cucumber salad tied together with the incredible sauces are one to order if this comes up for rotation! Definitely a dish worth doubling up on when it comes around!

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