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Why we support our community with meals


Eating whole-food, plant-based is more than just a healthy lifestyle to us. It’s about compassion for all living beings, for our planet and for the health of those who consume this type of food. But it’s also about creating a stronger community. That’s why we operate a meal program at our restaurant every week – to make sure families in Calgary are getting healthy meals through our Feel Good Food.

Offering food to Calgary is more than just a lifestyle to us.

Our meal prep restaurant, Menu Mandala, isn’t just about food. It’s a way of life that is about respecting the planet and all living beings.

It’s an economic engine that can improve our city. And by supporting local businesses who sell plant-based products, books and other items, these organizations generate proceeds that go back into the community and to amazing organizations like The Alice Sanctuary!

Mindful eating is about compassion for all living beings, for our planet and for the health of those who consume nutritious food.

A healthy moral compass includes compassion for all living beings and for our planet.

We want to be part of the solution. And we are offing you two ways to get involved.

You can make a difference in your community simply by eating our yummy food! The more meals that are ordered, the more we are able to send to those among us in Calgary who need it most. We identified dozens of individuals when we reached out to Reddit in May 2022 with incredible response from the community. The program keeps growing and we simply cannot keep up with the demand.

We are now offering Community Meals every week on our menu. This is an opportunity for you to anonymously sponsor individuals in our community who need it most. This can be set up as a one week only, or a recurring weekly sponsorship. Individuals and families get no-compromise meals that are equivalent to our regular menu. We launched this addition to the program last week and we were blown away by the response! And the meals that were handed to members of the seniors home across the street were received with emotional enthusiasm for everyone involved.

It’s about creating a healthy, stronger, and safer community.

While we believe that eating whole-plants is the best path to a healthy mind and body, and better for our environment overall than non-vegan foods, we also believe supporting our community makes it a safer place to live. A controversial-figure with a great bit of wisdom is Vladimir Lenon, who said that “every society is three meals away from chaos”. The Calgary Food bank and similar programs are there to address this in our city, but the access to this food has a difficult barrier-to-entry. More than ever, we need to support responsible solutions to the food affordability problem in Calgary.

That’s why we operate this meal program at our restaurant each week – to make sure families in Calgary are getting a healthy dinner.

That’s why we launched Menu Mandala and keep our food affordable. People eat far too much processed foods and waste money with high service fee apps like Skip The Dishes in Calgary.

The weekly sponsored meal program at our restaurant helps families in the neighborhood get a healthy meal without worrying about cost. We provide healthy meals for free to challenged individuals and families which further utilizes our partnerships with local organizations like Carya Calgary.

We’re proud of this program and want to keep it going as long as possible!

Healthy food is more than a diet, it’s a way of life that creates jobs and helps people.

Eating whole-foods is more than just a diet, it’s a way of life that you can participate in that creates jobs and helps people. At Menu Mandala, we entirely support local businesses by buying products made in Calgary and from Alberta farms. We want to help grow the local economy and create a reliable supply-chain within the community.

Plus, the whole-food, plant-based diet has been linked with many health benefits, including weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. In addition to helping your heart health and immune system, eating plant-based can add years to your life and life to your years! The Canadian Food Guide now states that “Many of the well-studied healthy eating patterns include mostly plant-based foods.” And they continue with:

“Eating plant-based foods regularly can mean eating more fibre and less saturated fat. This can have a positive effect on health, including a lowered risk of:

  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • type 2 diabetes”

Our for-sale meals provide families with healthy meals in an affordable way so they can ensure they eat well and their children grow up strong and healthy!


As we’ve seen, eating whole-foods can be more than just a diet. It’s about compassion for all living beings and for our communities. That’s why we believe that supporting this type of food should be the norm rather than an exception. It’s why we support our community by providing healthy meals at affordable prices – or free! – so everyone can enjoy them and discover just how delicious plant-based can be!

Community Meals for Calgary, two sizes